In her new book, Your Life After Their Death: A Medium’s Guide to Healing After a Loss, psychic medium Karen Noé shows you how to move on and enjoy life again after you’ve lost a loved one. As Karen says, “Your deceased loved ones are okay and want you to be too!” Karen offers sympathetic yet practical advice as a person who has also suffered through loss and wants to share what she’s found to be most helpful. In this very handy book, you’ll discover how you can keep the memory of your loved ones alive while moving on with the rest of your life—so you can heal your life after their death.

Suggested Questions:

  • Can you tell us what happens to us after we die?
  • How can we maintain our connection with our deceased loved ones?
  • What are “without a doubt signs”?
  • In your book, you explain how we can raise our vibration so that we are better able to connect with those who have passed. Can you please tell us more about this?
  • What are some of the techniques that you have used on yourself and your clients to help you to heal after losing a loved one?
  • How can we step forward after a loved one’s death? You talked in the book about setting new goals for our future, while at the same time maintaining our connection with the celestial realm. Please tell us more.
  • What do you wish to tell our listeners who have lost a loved one about how best to heal and move on with their lives?

About the Author

Karen Noé is a renowned New Jersey–based psychic medium, spiritual counselor, and healer with a two-year waiting list. She is the author of Your Life After Their Death: A Medium’s Guide to Healing After a Loss and Through the Eyes of Another: A Medium’s Guide to Creating Heaven on Earth by Encountering Your Life Review Now. She is the founder of the Angel Quest Center in Ramsey, N.J., where she teaches classes, gives readings, and practices alternative healing. You can listen to Karen on The Angel Quest Radio Show by tuning in to on the first Saturday of every month at 1:05 P.M. EST.

Author contact info:

Karen Noé: 201-825-4493

Available: May 5, 2014

Price: USA/CAN $16.95

Format: 5.375″ x 8.375″ Tradepaper

ISBN: 9781401943226

Media Contact: Karen Kinney



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