Dream a Little Dream of Me: Receiving Messages From Deceased Loved Ones

April 21st, 2014 → 4:00 pm @

karen blog photoOne of the easiest ways for your deceased loved ones to contact you is in your dreams. You simply need to ask them to come, and they will be there for you. Make sure to also request that they wake you up afterwards, because if you don’t wake up after the dream, you may not be able to remember all of the details.

After you make your request, just be patient and wait. For whatever reason, your friends and family members on the other side may not always be able to enter your dreams immediately after your request. However, they will come when the time is right for the both of you.

Right after my mother passed away, I longed to hear her voice, so I mentally asked her to give me a chance to do so. A few days after my request, I happened to be staying home from work because I wasn’t feeling well. After doing a few things that needed to be done around the house, I went to take a nap. While I was asleep, I dreamed that I was in a crowded place, and then heard my mother’s voice come over the loud speaker, saying, “I have an important announcement! I have an important announcement!” Then there was a pause, and she continued, “I am here, and I’m okay!”

When she was talking, I knew without a doubt that it was really her, and called out, “Mom! Oh, my God! Mom, it’s you! I love you so much! Who are you with?” She responded in a very low voice with a name that I couldn’t hear, so I asked her to turn up the volume and tell me again. She then softly answered, “Nannie.”

“Nannie” is what I called my grandmother, her mother. After she spoke these words, the phone rang and woke me up, so luckily I was able to remember the entire communication. Mom would always make it known when she had something important to say while she was still here on Earth. That’s why I have no doubt that her “important announcement” was coming directly from her. After receiving the wonderful gift of her coming to me in that dream, I woke up and felt as if I’d just won the lottery!

Just a Dream? Or a True Visitation?

When a loved one does come through in a dream, you may be left wondering if it was a real visitation or just a regular dream from your subconscious. Know that when your loved ones come through, it’s always peaceful and you will know that the individual was truly there with you. You’ll also remember the dream in detail for many years to come.

Dreams from your subconscious may be frightening, or create negative emotions. You may dream of how someone suffered or died, or other types of regrets you had about that person. This type of dream is not from your loved one; it’s from your own mind trying to resolve everything that occurred while he or she was alive.

It’s vital to know the difference between a true visitation and your own mind. Otherwise, you may give far much significance to a nightmare than you should, and not enough significance to a wonderful, loving visitation!


Learn How to Receive Signs from Your Deceased Loved Ones on the Next Angel Quest Radio Show On Saturday, April 5 at 1:05pm Eastern Time

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Tune in to the next Angel Quest Radio Show on Saturday, April 5 at 1:05pm

Eastern time on www.wrcr.com. We’ll be talking about the signs our deceased loved ones give us to let us know they are there. You’ll have the opportunity to call in with any questions you may have about the topic or with stories of signs from your own loved ones. The studio number is: 845-362-0013.

It’s going to be a very informative show, so make sure to tune in on

April 5 at 1:05pm Eastern time on www.wrcr.com. Just click on “listen live.”

Many blessings to you!


Your Deceased Loved Ones Are Here to Help – If You’re Open to It

March 10th, 2014 → 4:40 pm @

karen blog photoYour deceased loved ones are probably already helping you more than you know. They may put the right people in your path, place thoughts in your head with insights on how to accomplish your goals, inform you of things you didn’t know, grant you peace when you need it, help you find lost things, and so much more. Here is what happened during a reading I gave when a loved one came to the rescue to help her daughter find a lost object:

Ardine had lost her engagement ring a year ago, and after frantically checking every place she could think of, she eventually gave up with a heavy heart. On December 12th, 2012 (yes, that’s 12/12/12!) at 12n, Ardine and I had an appointment. Ardine likes to let readings unfold naturally, letting in whoever wants to come through, and usually doesn’t lead with specific questions. But as we were ending our appointment that day, she remembered to ask the question that had been bothering her for months. She began, “I lost my engagement ring about a year ago…” – and I put out my hand for her to stop, because I was already receiving a message. I told Ardine, “Your mom says it’s in the couch with the blanket.”

Here are Ardine’s words explaining what had happened that day:

“Now, I’m sure many households have blankets on their couches. I realize this isn’t a reach. The difference is that I’ve searched the sofa a dozen times over in the past year to no avail. However, I had such a sense of peace and resolve that I was going to find my ring when I got home. When I stood up, Karen gave me a big hug and told me, “When you find your ring, call me.”

My husband was waiting for me outside with a car full of groceries. When I got in the car, he asked me how it went. I just turned to him and said, “Michael, when we get home, I want you to unload the groceries, because I’m going to find my ring.” He was silent, probably thinking for the umpteenth time that I’m off the deep end, but also knowing better than to get me worked up.

When I arrived at home, I went directly to the couch with the green flowered blanket on it. I took off all the cushions, looked at them closely, shook them, and noticed a small rip in one. I then put my finger in there, but felt nothing but lint. I was crouched down while I was doing this, and one of my cats walked by at that moment. I turned to the right, and that’s when I saw my rocker love seat with a small throw over it. Talk about a light bulb going on in that moment! I exclaimed out loud, “Oh, that blanket!” I walked over to the rocker and around it, and saw that it was all in one piece. There were no cushions, and the fabric went from top to bottom, with thick staples keeping it in place through the wood. Although it wasn’t possible that a ring could get in, I just knew I’d find it there.

I have two cats, and over the years they have used this rocker as a scratching post more than a few times. I made a decision and got a pair of scissors, and was set to rip open the fabric on the back of the rocker. My husband, who had been in the kitchen for the past ten minutes, saw me with scissors in hand and stepped in. He told me to calm down and decided that he could pry open a staple or two to create an opening in the fabric. With that done, he turned the rocker on its side and proceeded to shake it and bang it on the floor of the living room. On the second or third shake, out came my engagement ring!”

Ardine called me within minutes to tell me the wonderful news. Not only did she find her ring, but her husband wasn’t a skeptic anymore! I am so glad Ardine didn’t give up when she wasn’t able to find her engagement ring at first, and that she was able to listen to her mom when she guided her to search the correct chair!

So the message for you is this – please remember that your deceased loved ones really are available to help you now in ways they never could before! Ask them for their help and guidance, and they will be there for you!

Many blessings to you!





“Living Your Dream” Will Be the Topic on the Next Angel Quest Radio Show on Saturday, March 1 at 1:05pm Eastern Time

February 25th, 2014 → 8:19 pm @

karen blog photoTune in to the next Angel Quest Radio Show on www.wrcr.com on March 1 at 1:05pm Eastern time. We’re going to talk about how to live your dream – and what it takes to get there.  It’s all about the “law of attraction,” and how we receive in our life what we think about most of the time.  It’s about never giving up!

I’ll be interviewing those who are living their passions and have always continued on with their dreams, regardless of the obstacles that were placed in front of them.

My first guest will be Keith Science.  Influenced by early 90’s underground hip-hop, New Jersey native and lifetime musician, Keith Science, has been creating and recording music since a very early age.  Growing up in a musically talented family, Keith was exposed to various forms of music, including blues, progressive rock, metal, hardcore and hip-hop. Initially starting off as a guitarist and bassist for various bands and projects through the years, his musical talents truly blossomed when focusing on hip-hop production and audio engineering.  Having a diverse musical background helped to fuse the various musical influences heard in Keith’s sound.  Focusing on the artistry of hypnotic hip-hop reminiscent of the genre’s golden-age, Keith Science Productions quickly separates itself from the rest of the pack.  But it has been a long journey and Keith’s signature sound took many years to develop.  Success did not come easy.  However, his determination and perseverance has propelled him to earn the opportunity to produce songs for some of his favorite hip-hop artists, including Kool Keith of Ultramagnetic Emcees and Rampage from Flipmode Squad.  You’ll be immediately captivated by the grimy trance-inducing vibes mixed on Keith’s old analog recording console. You can visit him on his web site at www.keithscience.com.

My second guest will be Marie Antoinette Kelley. Marie Antoinette always thought she wanted to be a doctor.  In 1994, she became one of the top science students in the country when she won the national Goldwater scholarship.  But when she had her first child that year, she became a full-time mom instead.  Later that same year, a friend gave her a video called “Yes, You Can Draw!”  Without ever watching the tape, she got the message and started drawing portraits.  She has since won first place in the Sweet Pea art festival as well as first place in a National Spotlight on Excellence contest.  And Marianne Williamson, New York Times Bestselling author has  featured one of Marie Antoinette’s paintings on the front page of her website.

Marie Antoinette combines her intuition with her artistic talent when she paints portraits.  In her Portraits of the Soul, she captures the vivid connection she feels with the subject, which is especially clear to her when the subject has passed on.

She has also released her first illustrated children’s book on the near death experience.  Her book, called Danny’s Day in Heaven, is loosely based on the real life story of Dannion Brinkley, New York Times bestselling author of Saved by the Light.

Marie Antoinette has also drawn the gorgeous illustrations for my latest book, “Your Life After Their Death” that will be released in May.  You may visit her on her web site at www.portraitsofthesoul.com.


My third guest will be Dorothy Morrison. Dorothy saw the story of The Lapis Key unfold before her one day while gardening at her home in Northern New Jersey, which she lovingly refers to as Fairyland. The stories came to her like an instant download. Even though she had been in corporate America for 20 some years and had never ever thought of writing a book, she knew that she must share these amazing stories.  But, she did not right away.  She let her doubt about herself as a writer get in the way.  The story and characters, however, would not go away. They were determined to be heard.  Then, after a startling life changing event, she decided that she must tell their story.  Dorothy is currently working on the second book in this series called Blood Moon Spell.

She wants everyone to believe in their dreams and never give up.  Having finished The Lapis Key is a reminder for her that new things can happen in one’s life at any time and dreams  really do come true. You may visit Dorothy on her web site at www.dfmorrison.com.

My final guest will be Tim Noé. Tim writes and produces hip hop electronic music for Blue House Records, a label that he founded in 2013. Tim merges the beautiful sounds of Electronic music with the flow and rhythm of Hip Hop.

Tim graduated Duke University in May of 2013 with a degree in Physics. He only took one music class, but music production was Tim’s true passion. As most of his peers took consulting jobs or planned for graduate school, Tim moved to San Francisco to begin his dream. Today, Blue House Records distributes music on mp3 headphones and is at the forefront of the hip-hop electronic movement. When not playing the keyboard, Tim spends his time painting layered digital prints or designing geometric 3d sculpture.  You can visit him on his web site at www.bluehouseheadphones.com.


It’s going to be such a fun and inspiring show, so make sure to tune in on March 1 at 1:05pm Eastern time on www.wrcr.com. Just click onto “listen live.” If you are unable to tune in then, I will be posting an archive of the show on my web site the following week on www.karennoe.com.


Animals Can Give and Receive Messages Too!

February 11th, 2014 → 8:46 pm @

karen blog photoI teach many workshops at my center, but one of my favorites was one I gave on animal communication.  We had a number of animals in class that day, but a very sweet cocker spaniel named Darla and an adorable English springer spaniel named Zack stand out because of their amazing stories.

I was sitting on one side of an L-shaped couch, teaching the course, and all of a sudden, Darla walked toward me on the couch and gazed directly into my eyes as if she wanted to tell me something. At first I wasn’t sure if I was receiving the correct information from her – it didn’t make sense. She relayed to me that she wasn’t Darla anymore but was now “Thainy.” I repeated what I thought she had told me, and to my surprise, her owner Carolyn happily responded, “I knew it!” The story behind this strange occurrence was that Darla had originally come from an abusive home, which had made her so timid that she usually stayed in one corner and wouldn’t budge. But months later, Darla walked out from her corner and jumped in Carolyn’s lap – and ever since then, Carolyn noticed that Darla had begun to act a lot like Thainy, her previous dog who had recently died. Thainy was a “walk-in!

Reading animals is a lot like reading people. You have to open yourself up to them, clear your mind, and let the messages come. But you can also send messages to your furry friends, which is what happened with Zack, the English springer spaniel!

Zack’s story begins with a dog treat and a nap. He was sound asleep, snoozing through the class, and hadn’t even noticed that I had placed a dog biscuit in between the cushions next to me on the sofa. His owner, Tanis, asked if we’d be able to send messages to Zack, even though he was still asleep in the other room. I told her it was definitely possible, and asked each of the women in the class to send a beam of light from their heart chakras to Zack’s. Then, I instructed them to draw figure eights in the air toward Zack and visualize him waking up to get the treat.

After a few minutes of trying to send him the message, Zack sat up and looked around at everyone as if to say, “All right already!  I’ll listen to what you want me to do!” He walked directly to the treat without anyone showing him where it was, took the treat, ate it, strolled back to his original spot, plopped back down, and immediately dozed off again.

It always amazes people that they can communicate telepathically with their animals, but it’s actually far easier to communicate that way with them than with people. We’re always second-guessing ourselves and letting other thoughts get in the way. Not so with animals! They are never in any doubt of their psychic connection to you – and you should never be in any doubt of your connection with them.


How to Receive Signs and Messages from Your Deceased Loved Ones

January 27th, 2014 → 4:05 pm @

karen blog photoOur deceased loved ones are not gone. They are able to be with us whenever they choose, and are even able to help and guide us throughout our lives.  If you’d like to hear from them, all you need to do is to ask them to give you “without a doubt” signs to let you know they are with you. Then watch for these signals that let you know that they truly are around. They may come to you in dreams, send you unmistakable messages through the radio or on the license plates of cars that cut you off. They may appear in the form of an animal, such as a bird, lady bug, butterfly, doing something that animal normally wouldn’t do, such as land on you, peck at your window, etc., to let you know they’re watching over you. They may come as a special fragrance, leave objects such as coins or feathers in your path, and so much more.

You may also wish to receive personal messages from them. However, because you are grieving, your energy may not be on par with their energy. (When you are grieving, your energy is of a lower, denser vibration, whereas the energy of those in the celestial realm is a much higher, lighter energy.) That’s why it’s important to learn how to raise your vibration so that you’ll be able to hear your loved ones better. This means doing anything that makes you happy, such as taking a walk, dancing, listening to some of your favorite music, petting your animal, hugging a baby, or anything else that may brighten up your spirit. Sitting quietly in meditation also raises your vibration immensely and allows you to pick up on what they are trying to tell you.

You may even with to go to a psychic medium who will be able to make that connection for you. Just make sure to do so upon the recommendation of someone who has been to that particular medium. And if you have to wait a long time to get an appointment, please don’t become frustrated. This long wait period is actually a good sign that the medium is giving real, concrete messages from the other side. You’ll see that the time you have to wait was well worth it.

However, if you’ve tried everything and you feel you still are not receiving messages or feeling your loved one around you, please don’t despair. You will see – when the time is right, you will receive the messages and signs that you so desire. Just don’t try too hard, and allow it all to happen. The bottom line is that your loved ones really want you to know they are okay. They just want you to be okay too!

Many blessings to you!


Karen Noé Will Answer Your Questions on the Next Angel Quest Radio Show on February 1 at 1:05pm EasternTime

January 20th, 2014 → 3:40 pm @

Karen Noé will answer any questions you may have about the afterlife, how to communicate with the celestial realm, the signs your deceased loved ones may be giving you, animal communication, dreams, reincarnation, or any other metaphysical topic.  You may either email Karen at lucelucina@aol.com with your question any time before then, or call the show during that time at 845-362-0013.


Frankincense and Myrrh (Gifts of Wise Men) and Other Essential Oils

December 16th, 2013 → 4:57 pm @

Why did the wise men give baby Jesus gold, frankincense and myrrh? Biblical scholars and theologians have a few theories – one of which is that these were the standard gifts of the day for kings and deities. Ancient inscriptions say that one Hellenistic king offered the same gift-set to Apollo in 243 B.C. – which means this combination has a long association with the spiritual realms. So what is it about frankincense and myrrh that make them ideal gifts for kings and deities?

Both frankincense and myrrh have been used since civilization began. In fact, the earliest recorded use of these spicy aromas was found on the tomb of Queen Hathsepsut, engraved 1500 years before the birth of Christ! Their uses then were the same as their uses now: purification, consecration, dispelling negative energies and invoking protection.

I burn frankincense and myrrh in my office every day. Not only do they make my office smell “heavenly,” but they also clear away all the negative energy, replacing it with more positive energy. And, they’re both meditation aids and help with emotional balance during times of stress and anxiety. AuraCacia’s description of their frankincense and myrrh essential oils really captures why I love them: “The deeply meditative aromas of frankincense and myrrh evoke ancient tombs and temples. Their fragrances, like the breath of a prayer, create an olfactory link to the dawning of civilized human society.”

Part of what I do each day is to set up my sacred space – and you don’t need to speak to spirits professionally to do this; you can do the same in your home or office. Sacred space helps you focus your energy, get in touch with your higher self, and de-stress from everyday pressures. A big part of creating my sacred space is to set the intention with essential oils. Frankincense and myrrh are the scents that speak to me, but you might find you prefer other scents. Use what speaks to you, though, because your intuition is always right.

Here are a few other essential oils to help you create your sacred space.


  • Star Anise – Ideal for licorice lovers, this oil promotes inner peace and helps with centering yourself and meditation.


  • Bergamot – Often paired with citrus, Bergamot elevates the spirit, energizes and clarifies the mind, and helps you feel empowered.


  • Cardamom – This delicious smelling spice is used in many Indian and Scandinavian desserts and is what I’d call a comfort scent. Spiritually, it’s associated with love, clarity and selflessness.


  • Cinnamon – Not just for the holidays! Cinnamon is the perfect scent for your office since it stimulates the mind and opens channels of communication (on spiritual and physical planes). It also helps clear energy blockages and might even stimulate money flow!


  • Clary Sage – When you need to purify your space, release tension, and balance your energy while connecting with your higher self, Clary Sage is the oil you need.


  • Eucalyptus – This warm, fresh scent helps purify, heal, and banish negative energy.


  • Ginger – When you want to stimulate energy or need an extra boost of focus, ginger is a lovely scent to help you achieve those goals.


  •     Lavender – The most-used essential oil, lavender is incredibly calming. Many use a lavender sachet under their pillows for peaceful dreams, but it’s also used to help with inner peace, purification, and meditation.

So, set up your sacred space by burning essential oils, not only during this holiday season, but also throughout the New Year as well.  Just make sure to try frankincense and myrrh first, and you will see just how “heavenly” these scents really are!

Peace and love be with you now, and always!



Bernie Siegel, Renowned Medical Doctor, Author, and Spiritual Teacher, Will Be My Guest on the Next Angel Quest Radio Show on Saturday, December 7 at 1:05pm.

December 5th, 2013 → 2:57 pm @

Dr. Bernie Siegel, MD will be my guest on the next Angel Quest Radio Show on Saturday, December 7 at 1:05pm Eastern time. Bernie is the author of “Love, Medicine, and Miracles, Faith, Hope, and Healing,” and “A Book of Miracles.” Bernie, retired from general and pediatric surgical practice in 1989, has since dedicated himself to humanizing the medical establishment’s approach to patients and empowering patients to induce their own healing.


In this long-awaited follow-up to “Love, Medicine, and Miracles,” Bernie’s latest book, “The Art of Healing: Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-Healing,” demonstrates how science and spirituality interact — and how one can tap the body’s potential to heal. After studying the use of crayon drawings by patients facing life-threatening disease, Bernie founded Exceptional Cancer Patients to facilitate self-induced healings, which were often called miraculous. Bernie realized our bodies actually want to heal, and we can aid this innate propensity through what are currently seen as unconventional practices, including drawing, visualization, dreams, love, and laughter. Readers will learn how to use these practices to help with everything from diagnosing and understanding their illness to making the correct treatment decisions to sharing experiences with loved ones and caregivers. Filled with inspiring true stories and suggestions for traveling on a healing journey, The Art of Healing offers hands-on, patient-proven techniques that can create miracles. To see a short video with Bernie talking about his positive experience with drawings, you can go to his web site at www.BernieSiegelmd.com.


It’s going to be a very informative show, so make sure to tune in on Saturday, December 7 at 1:05pm Eastern time. Just go to www.wrcr.com and click onto “Listen live.” (If you are unable to tune in then, you will be able to retrieve an archive of the show on my web site at www.karennoe.com.  Just click onto “Radio Shows.”)



The Ten Most Common Signs Deceased Loved Ones Give to Let Us Know They Are Around

November 25th, 2013 → 11:41 am @

After our loved ones cross over, they are very anxious to let us know they are okay and are aware of what is going on in our lives.  If we are not able to feel them around us, they will often give us signs that we cannot ignore. The person who is given the sign usually knows he or she is receiving a message from the other side. I always tell my clients that they do not have to look for signs – the signs will come to them.

The signs our loved ones give us most often are:

They come through as an animal. Our loved ones are able to use their energy to go inside of an animal, such as a butterfly, ladybug, bird, or dragonfly – for a brief period of time. The animal does something it usually would not do, such as land on us, peck at our window, scream at us, etc.

They place common objects such as feathers, coins, or rocks in our path. Our loved ones like to place things over and over again in our path that were significant to them. I have had clients come to me who have had jars filled with feathers, coins, and objects they have found in the most unusual places.

They give off fragrances. We can often tell our deceased loved ones are around us when we smell their perfume, flowers, cigar or cigarette smoke, or any other familiar smell they had. There is usually no logical explanation of why the smell is there.

They make songs come on at the perfect time. We know they are around when their favorite songs come on at the right time with the exact words we need to hear. Often the same song is played in many different places.

They come to us in dreams. One of the easiest ways for them to come through to us is in our dreams. All we need to do is to ask them to come, and they will. However, we should ask them to wake us up after they come, or else we will not remember the dream.  A dream that is a true visitation will be very peaceful and we will know it is truly our loved one. We will remember this type of dream in detail many years later. (On the other hand, a subconscious dream may be frightening or feel bad. This type of dream is not your loved one.)

They show us the same numbers over and over. They loved to give us numbers that are relevant to them or you, such as birthdates, anniversaries – or repeating numbers, such as 1111, 2222, 3333, etc. These numbers may appear on clocks, billboards, or any other familiar place.

They allow us to feel peaceful for no reason. When our loved ones are in the room, they usually make us feel so loved and at peace. It usually happens at the most unsuspecting time, so there is no logical explanation for our sudden bliss.

They place thoughts in our head. Because they in spirit form, our loved ones don’t have an audible voice. Therefore, they give us messages telepathically. Pay attention to thoughts that just “pop” into your head. We can tell the difference between our thoughts and theirs by backtracking our thoughts. If you can find the thought that triggered the thought of your loved one, it is probably your thought. If something your loved one would say just pops in your head for no reason, it is probably him or her speaking directly to you!

They love to play with electricity. They turn electricity on and off. They like to flicker lights, turn the television and radio on and off, and make appliances beep for no apparent reason.

They make buzzing noises in our ears. Because our loved ones speak to us on a different, higher frequency, we may hear ringing in our ears when they are trying to get our attention.  This is a sign telling you to listen to what they are saying.

The list can go on and on, but these are the most common ways they let us know they are around. If you haven’t received any of these signs, simply ask your loved ones to come to you to let you know they are okay.  Tell them to come to you in a dream and to wake you up after the dream. The more you are aware of the messages they are giving you, the more they will continue to allow you to know they are present. Be patient and persistent, and I promise that they will give you the signs you have always wanted.  They really are okay and want you to be too!

Angel blessings to you!

Karen Noe


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